Children in the Banksia preschool class have been learning some new routines as well as revisiting old ones. With the beginning of a new term and some big changes to the layout of the room we are focusing on Grace and Courtesy skills including using a green mat, walking around green mats, waiting our turn to speak, ‘stop says the bell’ and taking turns at the snack table. Shareef, one of our newest class members said “I like it in this class!” while learning how to roll up his yoga mat.

The children are also learning how to set their own spot at the snack table. They use a placemat to mark their place, transfer their snack to a plate and practise using cutlery to eat it with. The snack table has indeed become a place to practise many of these skills, as well as how to have a conversation with those also sitting on our round snack table. Nina said, “You put the plate in the middle”. Meanwhile Harriet said “I like doing this,” while washing up her dishes.

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