The students at Wairoa are gearing up and getting ready for their Coffee House Cabaret in Week 9. This year we are performing three plays and the groups are busy rehearsing and organising the event. Small teams have begun planning the elements of production as part of their Creative Expression work; including: designing promotion posters, planning catering, tech work, set, props and costuming design.
This term plays are the focus of our literature study and as such the students have been off to view some theatre over the past fortnight. The senior students journeyed to the Space Theatre last Friday to see Sista Girl, a powerful performance featuring themes around family, identity and race (and designed by Miranda Hampton!). During the previous week the foundation group had been to see Jump First, Ask Later. This energetic and engaging play looked at the lives of six young people who had been brought together by a common interest in parkour. The characters really drew us into the story which was incredibly funny, touching and very thought provoking.
Last Tuesday Cycle 4 hosted the Year 6 students for a half day visit. The group toured the campus with Pippa, Taran, Lilly and Adele. Afterwards they visited some different lessons and did some cooking with Kiri. A Tuesday visit is always a win with our shared community lunch (and morning tea).

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