If your child/ren will be absent for a day or two with a mild illness we request that you notify the office or teacher. However it is particularly important that you notify us of the following absences promptly, and by phone if necessary:

  • Where an infectious disease or head lice is the cause of the absence.
  • Where the absence could extend over several days where there is an excursion and/or a special function planned.

Please inform the teacher of the reason for the child’s absence upon his/her return, as the law requires notes for all children six years old and over. Notification of late arrivals or early departures for medical appointments etc. should be given to the teacher. The Early Dismissal Book in the office should also be signed prior to leaving the school. Return to the Top


The school offers parents a number of payment methods via Direct Debit to either Bank Account or Credit Card. Payments can be debited fortnightly, per term, half yearly or yearly (in full). Please contact the Business Administrator for further information or to arrange your method of payment. Return to the Top


Should you need to see the Principal or Business Administrator please make arrangements either directly with them or through the Receptionist. If you wish to make an appointment with a teacher please make a time directly with the teacher. Return to the Top


Middle School classes commence at 8.45am; Primary classes commence at 9.00am; Extended Day at 9.15am and Pre-School at 9.15am. The beginning of the day is a time when programs and class expectations are set, when routines are discussed and when children plan their social activities for the day. We consider it vital that your child is part of this planning time and encourage you to bring your child for a punctual start. Teachers will be in their rooms at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of lessons. Parents are welcome to participate in classroom activities and need to discuss and plan with the class teacher your visiting times and how you are able to support student learning. Return to the Top


The school would like to celebrate your child’s birthday. On the day, we ask parents to send along photographs of the child, particularly their photos at birth and subsequent birthdays. These photographs help build up a time line of your child’s life. Parents may choose to supply a birthday treat – e.g. cake, biscuits or other snack to be shared amongst the class. It is important that all children in the class can be included in the birthday celebration. Please check with class teachers re special requirements of students – e.g. food intolerances, dietary requirements. It would be greatly appreciated if a note listing the ingredients used were given to the class teacher. Parents are invited to join the celebration at school. Parents may also like to donate a book or other resource to the school library, which will be inscribed with the child’s name and date of donation. Suggestions for suitable books are available from your child’s teacher or the Resource Centre Manager. Please consult with your child’s teacher several days prior to the birthday so that arrangements can be made. Return to the Top


The school asks for a tax-deductible donation of $200, $300 or $500 per family per year towards the costs of maintaining and constructing school buildings. Whilst this is voluntary, emphasis is placed on the importance of this fund within the school. Return to the Top


A blanket excursion form is required for each child every year if parents are willing for their children to accompany their teacher on short local excursions on foot. However, where the excursion is beyond walking distance, or a cost is involved, a specific consent form will generally be sent out via the SkoolBag app for each such excursion and no child will be able to go on that excursion unless the parental consent has been given. Please help to reduce your child’s anxiety by completing the consent forms promptly. Return to the Top


There is a section on the Health Form you may use should you desire to place any restrictions on your child having any particular foods at school. If the restriction is due to a medical condition please note this clearly. Return to the Top


This form is designed to enable us to deal as quickly as possible with an emergency. It is of vital importance that you advise us of any changes in information you have previously given us. Return to the Top


It is the school policy that only “healthy” food be included in your child’s lunch box. Chips, lollies, chocolate bars and soft drinks are not to be sent to school. Lunches are not to be shared or given away. This acts as a safeguard for children with allergies or prescribed diets and also respects family beliefs. We encourage families to follow our guiding principles. Return to the Top


If you wish to be covered for normal playground injuries, you will need to take out school accident insurance cover that is available for school children through CGA and Hibernian Society. Application forms are available from the school office. The school has the right to call an ambulance in an emergency, especially where parents cannot be contacted or the child is severely injured. The School has taken out ambulance cover for all children so that parents do not have to pay for ambulance costs. Return to the Top


Children are not allowed to leave the school grounds during the day unless a specific arrangement has been made between parents and teachers. If you make arrangements for someone other than yourself or a regular care-giver to collect your child please inform the teacher or office staff. Return to the Top


Lost property is stored on a hanging rack outside the Common Room at Yultiwirra. Time and money can be saved if all property is named clearly. Please check in the box for any items missing for more than a couple of days. Any items unclaimed by the end of the term will be donated to charity. Return to the Top


Lunches can be ordered at the Yultiwirra campus on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure that your child’s order is placed with Maria’s Kitchen via the Qkr! app by 9.15 a.m. Please contact the Office or see the SKoolBag app for further information regarding how to order online. If a child forgets to order we will prepare a basic sandwich for $1 cost.  Return to the Top


A fortnightly newsletter is distributed on a Wednesday. The newsletter is distributed via the SkoolBag app or available on the homepage of this website.  Please ensure you read your copy each fortnight, as this is a vital means of communication. Return to the Top


Please do not park or leave your car on the roadway in the car-park, near the gate and crossing. This is a drop-off lane only. You may need to drive your car around the car park circuit to alleviate congestion. Encourage your child to come promptly to the supervised pick up point once school has finished. The central area as well as some limited perimeter spaces of the car park is for long term parking, e.g. if you are bringing your children into the school yard. Return to the Top


The school has arrangements with specialist music teachers to use our facilities and to provide lessons for students during the school day. Currently the following instrument tuition is offered: piano, guitar, drums, voice and choir. If you are interested please ask for further information from the office staff. Return to the Top


The school has well documented policies and procedures outlining our non-punitive approach to managing student behaviour. Copies of policy and procedures are available from the school office or on SkoolBag. Return to the Top


It is the school’s aim to consistently implement practices recommended by the Anti-Cancer Foundation. It is the policy of the School to ensure that all children and staff wear either broad brimmed hats or hats that protect nose, ears, neck and eyes. Hats will be required throughout the entire year. Children will be prevented from playing outdoors if the teacher considers it injurious to the child’s health to play in hot conditions without adequate protection. Therefore, each child needs to bring a named hat to be kept in his/her bag or on the hat stand in the classroom. Sunblock will be provided by the School. The children will be taught to apply sunblock and wear hats before going outside for any activity during hot weather. If parents do not wish staff to apply sun-block, please notify the class teacher. Return to the Top


It is the policy of the school that no valuables are to be brought to school. It is the school’s experience that lost and broken items cause distress for children. Items for morning talk should be of a cultural or natural science interest. If children wish to bring toys/valuables to school, e.g. for Show & Tell, they must ask for a permission note which needs to be signed by both teacher and parent. Return to the Top


The office requires written notification of arrangements made for students who catch buses, ride bikes or walk to and from school. Students who travel by bus from school at the end of the school day are supervised by a teacher at the Mt Barker Road bus stop near Anderson Road. Return to the Top