Educational Participation

The role as a parent is paramount and a strong partnership between you and the school will play a vital role in your child’s education. We are convinced that children benefit from interaction with parents and other adults in the school. Children need to be listened to by adults. This is how they experience the worth of their ideas and learn to appreciate the company of a wide range of people.


Our commitment to Montessori principles ensures that we will keep parents and students informed about, and included in, the child’s progress & development, the educational program and the child’s self evaluation and goal setting. Our reports are designed to give a summary of what students have achieved in their learning. This information is gained by diagnostic testing in core curriculum areas and other forms of teacher assessment, review of student work and teacher judgement / observation about student progress, attitude and effort. The written reports should be viewed in conjunction with all of the different forms of reporting throughout the year to give a complete picture of progress. When viewed as a whole, parents should be able to gain an understanding of their child’s strengths, interests, challenges and areas for further learning. Our reporting procedures throughout the year are as follows: Pre School Procedures for Preschool Students

  • TERM 1 -Teacher/Parent meetings & Portfolio
  • TERM 2 – Teacher/Parent meetings & Portfolio
  • TERM 3 – Portfolio
  • TERM 4 – Portfolio

Pre School Procedures for Extended Day StudentsDSC_8335

  • TERM 1 – Teacher/Parent meetings & Portfolio
  • TERM 2 – Collaborative meetings & Report & Portfolio
  • TERM 3 – Portfolio
  • TERM 4 – Summative Report & Portfolio

Primary School Procedures

  • TERM 1 – Teacher/Parent meetings
  • TERM 2 – Collaborative meetings & Report
  • TERM 3 – Snap Shot Books, NAPLAN Tests Results & Interviews for Years 3 & 5
  • TERM 4 – Summative Report

Middle School Procedures

  • TERM 1 – Collaborative planning conference
  • TERM 2 – Roundtable Conferences & Written Report
  • TERM 3 – NAPLAN Tests Results & meetings for Years 7 & 9
  • TERM 4 – Exhibition of Work & Learning and Summative Report

We are committed to developing quality home:school partnerships. Therefore we will also communicate in a variety of ways e.g. informal chats, class newsletters, interviews upon request, specific information evenings, phone calls.

Parent Education

Parent education and information evenings are held in terms 1, 2 and 3 each year. These are normally held in the evenings and are open to the general public. A crèche is always provided for children over 3 years of age however bookings are essential. We encourage parents and community members to learn about the Montessori philosophy & methodology and the principles that underpin the way that we organise our school, plan our educational programs and interact with the students. Information gained from these sessions will help parents to become more involved in their child’s learning both at home and at school. By knowing the values and basis of our operations parents are able to capitalise on opportunities to share and understand the school activities experienced by their child.

Parent Library

Parents are welcome to borrow books and videos from our Resource Centre. An extensive range of books covering Montessori philosophy, methodology and materials are available for parent use. To become a registered borrower see our Resource Centre Manager.

Assisting Staff & Classes

We encourage parents to share their special skills and interests with staff and students; assist in your child’s classroom; lend a hand on excursions; contribute resources or provide vital input into fundraising activities. However, your most valuable contribution will be your enthusiasm for your child’s Montessori Education, and a keenness to complement it at home. We encourage you to read, ask questions, and so continue to learn more about the Montessori approach.