The Hills Montessori School offers primary schooling up to and including Year 6. Classes are multi-aged in structure, providing the climate for students to learn as individuals and as members of a supportive class group.

Teacher as Facilitator

We operate from the premise that children want to learn, and thus the day is structured to provide a variety of learning opportunities. The primary school teacher prepares and provides an environment in which integrated learning takes place, and ensures that academic learning is achieved through individualised programs. Through carefully planned activities, teachers encourage students to explore areas of personal interest; to identify their particular areas of expertise; and to fulfil their potential. Teachers establish clear expectations regarding work and behaviour. In educating the “whole child”, considerable emphasis is given to social development and in fostering a sense of community responsibility. Individual, small group and whole class lessons occur throughout the day. Within this framework, our teachers ensure that the essentials of literacy and numeracy are all practised daily. A Learning Support Program supports children with specific needs. Afternoon lessons focus on the cultural subjects with an emphasis on group learning, practical activities and creative endeavours.

Student as Independent Learner

Students are supported and encouraged to become self-motivated learners through their engagement in goal-setting, management, planning and self-evaluation activities. Efforts and achievements are closely monitored to ensure that the students are successful in achieving negotiated goals and that they acquire the necessary time-management and organisational skills to complete the expected tasks allotted to the 3-hour morning work period. There is no formal recess break during the morning: students take responsibility for planning a snack break to suit individual work patterns. Becoming responsible and self-disciplined enables children to contribute positively to their communities.

A Love of Learning 

Our primary school offers children an exciting period of expansion and growth. When the time comes students move on to the middle school and the wider world with strong organisational skills, self-discipline, a healthy self-esteem, and above all, a love of learning for life. For over 40 years The Hills Montessori School has been helping children to think creatively, act responsibly and embrace the future with confidence.