The Hills Montessori School aims to create and maintain a safe and vibrant learning community. The School considers the needs of our current students and their families as we make the decision to accept new students. A prospective student and their family should be committed to the unique style of education at The Hills Montessori School.

School Enrolment Procedures

The Principal will consider the following things prior to a place being offered to a student:

  • Needs of prospective student
  • Needs of existing students, class & teacher
  • Family’s affiliation & understanding of Montessori philosophy & methodology

The following enrolment criteria and preferences will be followed when offering places in the school:

a)      Siblings of existing students

b)      Children of staff and old scholars

c)      Children who have attended the Infant Program and Transition Program

d)      Students who have attended another Montessori school or preschool

e)      Families who indicate an intention to enrol their child for their entire schooling

f)       Order of the date of receipt of application

The enrolment criteria will be subject to the Principal’s discretion in special circumstances.