Infant Program

Our 0-3 Infant Program aims to provide parents with the opportunity to engage with their child in a calm, nurturing Montessori environment.


The Montessori Pre-school room allows children to move, touch, manipulate and explore. In this environment they learn to work independently, based on their own initiative which builds concentration, self discipline and self-esteem.

Primary School

Students are supported and encouraged to become self-motivated learners through their engagement in goal-setting, management, planning and self-evaluation activities.

Middle School

The Adolescent Program at The Hills Montessori Middle School is a unique opportunity for study, work and development within a supportive community.

News & Events

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  • Join us for an online tour of our Adolescent Program which caters for middle school students in Years 7 to 10.

  • A tour of The Hills Montessori Preschool with Aurora and Charlie, where you can meet their teachers, see the classrooms and check out their favourite things to do!

  • Grab your sweatband, leg warmers and whole lot of H20 because we’re headed for Dance Class!

  • Remote Learning program

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