Children in Cycle 2 are in the developmental phase Maria Montessori called the age of ‘The Reasoning Mind’. Cycle 2 children commonly ask ‘Why?’ and this therefore directs the learning activities developed for children aged 6-9 years. The curriculum and methodology builds on the knowledge and skills established in the primary Cycle 1 class. However you will notice some differences. Students are involved in more work as a small / class group and the class is more community-centred. This reflects the psychological development of this age group and their innate desire to interact more with their peers and explore social skills and dynamics. Specifically designed Montessori materials continue to play a large role in the Cycle 2 Montessori Classroom.

Characteristics 6-9 years old

  • strong morals
  • clear sense of right and wrong
  • likes rules
  • concern for the environment
  • importance of friends (sense of community)
  • developing ability to reason
  • innate sense of compassion
  • questioning mind & active imagination
  • Sensitive Periods- sensitive period for the acquisition of culture.


Core skills

Developing competency in Literacy and Numeracy is essential. A large part of the Cycle 2 curriculum is targeted towards repetition and practice of the core skills. The skills of cursive handwriting are taught and practised regularly. The child is encouraged to present their book work neatly and to use common layout conventions consistently.


Class Routines & Expectations

The Cycle 2 class caters for children in the age range of six years through to nine years. The child will begin to experience the importance of community through the structures and learning programs utilised in Cycle 2, for example

  • Children are supported in establishing appropriate time-management and organisational skills
  • There are whole class and small group routines and activities
  • The child is expected to practise and complete all tasks that are introduced by the teacher
  • Children work in small ability groups using concrete materials as well as working in the abstract
  • Human relationships are a key focus in Cycle 2 and children are encouraged to discuss, practise and reflect on their interactions with peers, teachers, adults and parents.

“The needs of mankind are universal. Our means of meeting them create the richness and diversity of the planet. The Montessori child should come to relish the texture of that diversity” Source unknown

Aims of Cycle 2

In Cycle 2 we aim to create a learning environment that encourages and inspires the child to be attracted to and in awe of the wonders of the world. Dr Montessori called this ‘Cosmic Education’. We believe that for the children to be able to explore and understand the world they need to be able to read, write and calculate. Therefore we aim to equip the child with the reading skills necessary to explore the world. We aim to expose the children to a complete view of the world, physical and cultural, through concrete and manipulative work, leading to an understanding of abstract concepts. We believe that the child needs to be engaged in meaningful work in order to internalise knowledge.