The Hills Montessori School has built its reputation on providing a dedicated Montessori education for lifelong learners since 1978. Today it is a valued and thriving educational community which we want to ensure is nurtured for future generations of young people.

To mark our 45th anniversary, we invite you to be at the forefront of the new Hills Montessori School (HMS) Foundation and become part of our vision to sustain and support opportunities for young people into the future.

The HMS Foundation will provide resources, funding and support through the provision of new and improved educational and learning facilities. It will also provide a way for past students, staff and parents to stay connected with our school through events and get togethers.

Your generosity will help us create an exceptional future for Montessori education through philanthropy. In the late 1970’s, people with purpose dreamed of what The Hills Montessori School could be and with the support of an inspired community, nurtured the School’s culture and uniqueness that lives on today.  We have much to feel proud of in all that we have achieved, we now look to the future and invite you to be at the forefront of this visionary opportunity for years to come.

Ways to support the Foundation

We invite you to join our Foundation to enrich the lives of all those who participate in The Hills Montessori School into the future.

A one-off payment of $150. A Foundation Membership connects members to our community and events. All members receive a Foundation pin.

Click here to become a member

A one-off payment of $1500. The generosity of these Founding Custodians means this key group of donors will assist us to establish the HMS Foundation.

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These are welcome and available to do so securely in a variety of ways (fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, annually). Over time these donations cumulate into our Foundation Tier structure.

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Any amount can be made securely through our website whether you are a member of the Foundation or not.

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By giving a gift in your will to HMS Foundation, you can make a lasting contribution. Every gift, large or small, helps us achieve our vision to achieve financial sustainability and opportunities for our young people into the future.

Gifts left to charities in wills come in all different shapes and sizes, and giving a gift in your will is not just for wealthy people – it is for anybody thinking about doing something powerful, special and lasting.

If you would like more information on how to leave a gift to HMS Foundation in your will, please call 08 8339 6842 and speak with our office team.