Yultiwirra Campus

12 Anderson Road, Aldgate

The Yultiwirra campus is located in an idyllic bush setting in Aldgate on a two hectare piece of land. It is located 3.5 km  from the Wairoa campus.  The Yultiwirra campus accommodates the Infant Program (0-3 years), Preschool (3-5 years) and the Primary School (Reception – Year 6). The Yultiwirra campus is located on the main bus route approximately 25 minutes from Adelaide city centre and 15 minutes from Mt Barker township.

Wairoa Campus

142 Mt Barker Road, Stirling

The Middle School campus of The Hills Montessori School is situated within the grounds of Wairoa, a beautiful thirteen hectare estate situated in the Adelaide Hills between Stirling and Aldgate. Wairoa is a 5 minute walk from the centre of Stirling and the Adelaide Hills library, and is located on the main bus route approximately 20 minutes from both Adelaide city centre and Mt Barker township. Students at the Middle School campus have numerous opportunities to work with the primary school students at the Yultiwirra campus and develop their leadership skills.

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The Hills Montessori School campuses

Both campuses offer calm, peaceful environments surrounded by nature fostering a respect for the environment .

The short distance between the two campuses is ideal for a number of reasons:

  • Easy access for families picking up &/or dropping off siblings
  • Short bus ride for the adolescent students to catch a public bus to use the hall & other facilities at Yultiwirra campus
  • Close for staff who work at both campuses
  • Easy to share and move resources between the two campuses

Extended Campus

The local area and the city of Adelaide are considered as an extended campus – a classroom without walls. Students make use of resources in the local community such as museums, galleries, archives, libraries, sporting facilities, parks and local organisations. Using outside resources is both environmentally friendly (it is a waste of energy and materials to construct facilities that already exist), and serves to embed the school firmly in the community. As students get older and move through the school they become increasingly involved in many off-campus trips, excursions, camps and extended expeditions.

Public Transport

The Yultiwirra campus is located one block up from Mt Barker Road in Aldgate. Bus stop 43 is located nearest to the school.

The school requires written notification of arrangements made for primary school students who catch buses, ride bikes or walk to and from school. Parents can collect & complete a ‘Travel Arrangements’ form from the office.

Primary students who travel by bus from school at the end of the school day are supervised by a teacher at the Mt Barker Road bus stop near Anderson Road.

The Wairoa campus is located on Mt Barker Road at Stirling. Bus stop 40 is located near the entrance to the Wairoa campus.

Please refer to Adelaide Metro for up-to-date timetables and route information.